Football Restarts

USA virus level is increasing with easing. Trump is desperate to get the economy going. The police killing of a black guy has resulted in demonstrations across the country and some riots. Some demonstrators at the white house were cleared by police using tear gas so that Trump could get a photo opportunity at a nearby church. Racial demos are occurring worldwide with some in the UK.  In Bristol a ‘slaver’ statue was pulled down. There’s a danger of a bandwagon effect. I don’t agree with some voices that promote rejection of British historical realities and values (Empire etc).
Some kids are back in school – infants reception & years 1 & 6. Teens seem to be suffering particularly with the loss of education and the loss of contact with friends and social activities. There’s no plan for full school return before september.
Worldwide the pandemic is accelerating. Brazil has taken second place in the world for number of cases. The Beijing area is in lockdown after an outbreak in a large market.

In the UK, travel and staying over announced as OK from 4th July. Football restarts with empty stadia on the 17th June with an accelerated schedule with Liverpool rapidly winning the premiership.
Rashford gets the government to commit to free meals for needy kids who cannot go to school.
The government plans to establish travel corridors to avoid quarantine for travellers returning from approved countries.
Holiday bookings are up.

Virus status at month end

000’s Cases Deaths
Feb March April May June Feb Mar April May June
World 85 863 1985 2957 10550 3 43 234 382 519
UK 0 22 171 249 283 0 2 27 37 40
USA 0 193 1099 1855 2730 0 5 64 109 130
Brazil 0 6 85 515 1408 0 0 6 29 60
India 0 1 35 190 586 0 0 1 5 17
Spain 0 96 239 265 273 0 8 25 28 28
France 0 52 130 152 165 0 4 24 29 30

Don’t mention the B word

May’s brexit deal defeated by 230 MP votes. Corbyn ducks out of talks. MPs later vote for ‘alternative arrangements’ to backstop. Good luck with EU on that!
US government is shutdown for 4 weeks – Trump still hasn’t got his wall
China lands on back side of moon – uncomfortable
Gatwick shut for 24 hours by drone
Venezuela in Crisis
Alex Salmond accused of sexual crimes
Bomb explodes in NI