Its All About The Virus

Fortunately the lockdown weather has been good – 6 weeks sunshine, one a bit rainy
UK reaches 30k dead by 5th may. On the 9th some UK easing –  go to work if you can safely but work from home if you can.  Target for start and end primary classes to return and  limited secondary on 1st of June.  Some shops planned to open 15th June. Testing planned for all with symptoms. Track and trace started. Deficit £62b April.
Johnson aid cummings breaks lockdown rules with a trip – gets stonewalling support from Johnson.
Europe starts easing
Trump claims that USA has ‘World best testing’ at White House briefing which resembles an electioneering event. Under press questioning from an asian woman he insults her and walks off ! A black man was killed by police sparking riots and a “Black Lives Matter ” movement. Trump promotes an unproven covid drug and paints protesters as violent mobs.
Little Richard dies.
Plane crash in Pakistan
China plans to introduce a widely criticised security law in Hong Kong which will significantly reduce freedoms.
Virus status month end
000’s Cases Deaths
Feb March April May Feb Mar April May
World 85 863 1985 2957 3 43 234 382
China 78 82 83 83 3 3 5 5
Italy 3 106 205 233 0 12 28 34
USA 0 193 1099 1855 0 5 64 109
Spain 0 96 239 265 0 8 25 28
UK 0 22 171 249 0 2 27 37

Now it’s the C Word


  • Virus continues to spread
  • UK seems to have a viable plan to delay and minimise the peak of the epidemic while trying to boost the capacity of the NHS
  • Cruise ships having problems with docking plus many cases on board
  • Cases spreading worldwide – declared a pandemic
  • Shares down about 30%, oil prices collapse
  • Over 70s (that’s me!) advised to take special care
  • Cases at the end of February
    • World 84615
    • China 77835
    • Italy 1128
    • USA 68
    • Spain 58
    • UK 23

Trump impeachment fails as expected due to republican majority in the senate
Boris changes cabinet composition – Javid resigns as his treasury advisers are merged with number 10
MC appeal against Uefa penalties for breaking financial rules
Storm Dennis = wales & borders flooding
Syria idlib bombing continues as refugees flood to the turkish border
Wales 6 nations 3 losses
European Union exit negotiators adopt opening positions

We won’t need to use the B word again

UK left the EU at 11pm 31st January with transition period to end (by law) on 31st December. Boris adopting hardball position to trade talks – good for him!
US assassinate leading iranian general. Iran retaliates with missiles to US bases in Iraq (a limited response) but accidentally bring down a civilian aircraft with a missile at the same time.
At Davos trump labels climate push as ‘prophets of doom’. Democrats pursuing a futile impeachment path (although he’s obviously guilty). USA looks more like a banana republic.
Rapist convicted of 120 crimes
Harry & Meghan decide to give the up royals thing and move to canada – do I care….
Australian fires covering large areas
Turkey earthquake
Assad pressing to retake remaining rebel areas with assistance from russia and little resistance from others
Chinese Corona virus spreading worldwide – death rate 2% but it’s highly infectious
Liverpool are now uncatchable at the top of the premiership

It may be over

Boris gets a major election win with an overall majority of 80. Won by persuading midlands and north labour voters to “lend” votes to him and focussing on “Let’s get brexit done”. Labour lost through Corbyn image, making excessive spending commitments and, probably, a too left wing agenda.
The first stages of a Brexit bill are passed including a legal commitment to final exit by the end of 2020
A New Zealand volcanic eruption kills several tourists
Serious bush fires engulf much of south east Australia with temperatures at 40C

Dimwitted MPs

MPs take control of order paper. Boris loses 2 votes attempting to get a general election. Opposition parties pass law removing no deal option and requiring him to ask EU for extension if a deal not agreed. (Will he refuse, go to jail and win an election…).
Whip removed from 21 Tories who voted against the government. Supreme court rules prorogue unlawful so bunch of wallies return to their seats so that they can try to prevent Brexit.
Time this lot went!!
Mugabe dies.
Saudi oilfields bombed by Yemen rebels – ie Iran
Thomas cook collapses
Rugby world cup starts
UK delivers final proposal to EU

Boris Brexit

MC win charity shield
Football season starts MC Liv look good
England loose 1st test draw 2nd win 3rd at the last gap
Boy thrown from tate modern 8th floor
USA 2 mass shootings in 24 hrs (250 in 7 months!)
USA and China stepping up trade war
Boris at G7 putting pressure on European leaders. Announcing spending pledges as though there were an election coming….Prorogues parliament for a few days for a queens speech (or maximise pressure on Brexit hating MPs). MPs likely to try to prevent No Deal option and go for another extension. How can you negotiate with the EU if you take no deal off the table!! Boris will likely try to get an election under these circumstances.
Pound at new lows against dollar and Euro
Rain forest fires in Brazil
2 hot spells – Europe and UK records
Big hurricane causing destruction in the Bahamas, may be heading for central Florida

Boris made it

Trump ‘go back to where you come from’ to coloured Democratic women
England win world cup cricket – luckily
Ursula von de Leyen elected eu commision president
50 yrs since moon landing
golf open in NI – irish winner
ebola spreading
Boris PM – brexit supporting cabinet – 17 changes ‘bloodbath’
No ifs or buts leave 31st October – backstop must go – means it – 2bn funding
EU say deal cannot be changed
NHS immediate funding released
?election soon
Conservatives loose welsh seat to Lib Dems – tactical voting and Brexit party drain Conservative votes
Pound weakens
38.7C record – flooding in Derbyshire – Dam cracking causes evacuation of village

Football Good Politics Interesting

Liverpool and Chelsea win Euro leagues
Trump state visit – he talks to Boris and Farage but not Corbyn
D Day 75 years on events
England lose to Netherlands in Nations league
May out, Boris and Hunt doing hustings for party members to elect leader who becomes PM
Rain most of month – end=heatwave France 45C
A few extreme weather events – global warming not proven
Women world cup England in semis but lose to a better team USA
Iran blows up oil tankers then US turns up pressure
UK/Gibraltar stop Iranian oil tanker heading for Syria
Cricket world cup – England underperform but through to final stage

There have been Royalty events but I’m not interested