Saturday 25th Oct 08

Suppose I should add something !!—–made Baguettes.

Baguette recipe:-

Plain flour   —  Three cups.

Sugar           — One Tbls

Salt               — One Tsp

Yeast            — Two Tsp

Water           — 1.4 Cups

Baguette holder cut to fit metal container.


Drilled four corners of holder and fitted adjustable screws and bolts to allow correct level adjustment.

The dough is made in a bread maker and roll of dough (half size of finished baguette) placed in each holder and covered with cloth.

Dough allowed to rise for about one hour or untill approximately twice original diameter

Holder, plus dough, placed in pan with about a half inch of water and covered with top lid. Cooked for half hour at 200 degrees C.


Holder, plus dough, removed from container and placed in oven for ten minutes at same temperature as before.

Baguette removed from holder, turned over and cooked for ten minutes.